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Design and development are an important part of any business. LSI&I staff makes sure you present yourself in the best possible way to your current clients and potential clients through stellar website design.  Our development services help your business function to its fullest potential through creative and high performance applications, customized to your business’ needs.



Michael Leitzel formed LSI&I in 2011 to deliver custom software solutions that meet your business requirements. We provide a full range of integration services to help our customers streamline their operations across multiple systems. Call us to find out how we can help your business grow!



Nogle has a typical LMS hierarchy that umbraco handles perfectly with Program / Curriculum / Course / Module available. Individual certificates per level are available along with rules such as enrollment by member or member-role, pre-requisite.  It also has event notifications such as module-passed, module-completed, etc that allows notification emails to be sent.